Hey all,

Priced to sell, Ibanez TK412A cab, £90.

Quite an "even" sounding cab. By that, I mean, it doesn't REALLY have any characteristics. It's like setting your EQ flat. Not too bassy, not too trebly, 4x12 means that sound coverage is even. I've played it through a Marshall MG100DFX head, Mesa Boogie Single Rec, and a Laney 4x12, and it responds very well to all 3, and it allows the characteristics of the amp to shine.

Selling because I'm downsizing. Would consider part-ex for a smaller cab, or a combo that I can plug my head into (will to part with some cash my end, too). So throw your offers out there!

Pictures will come very soon! But it's army green coloured, good condition, don't think there are any nicks/tolex coming away.
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