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Can someone explain this to me in detail?

Whenever I go to the dentist I'm like "Aiight, do watcha gonna do, I'mma sit here all cool like".

When people tell me they hate the dentist, I...I kinda...I don't get it. The drills, ok, but...meh?
Now I'm gonna poke your gums with a sharp object. Then I'll say that it wouldn't hurt if you flossed more.
I don't trust them. Your teeth are fine all year, and then they say you have cavities and then for the next few weeks until they fill them your teeth suddenly hurt? I think that dentists are all just con artists that make up problems just so you pay them. Hippocrates would not be pleased.

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that's only british people

why would british people hate dentists

most of them have never even met one
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A dentist ruined my root canal. The post that was lodged in my gums and molar cracked in half stabbing the gums in the surrounding area. I was never able to save that tooth and I had to have it pulled.

When they pulled the rest of that destroyed tooth, it took another dentist at least an hour of pulling and yanking until it came out. Pulling and yanking that felt like the worst experience involving any form of medical situation in my life. It was numb, but It still left hardcore pulling and yanking that made my brain not register pain that was supposed to be accounted for, creating a horrifying experience.

I don't know why other people hate dentists, but I have my reasons.
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I actually start falling asleep when dentists are dentisting. It's like getting a teeth massage.
if you don't have dental insurance it can be expensive. i also just think it's completely unnecessary to go twice a year for check-ups. i don't go to the doctor unless i'm sick, why would i go to the dentist if there's nothing wrong with my teeth
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bad TSes
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
What's pleasant about it? My experience is always

Okay sit here and wait an hour with other people in an 8 foot long silent room
Come in, sit uncomfortably in a chair (if they don't forget you, it happened before)
Okay we're gonna brush your teeth because you don't know how
Awful smalltalk while I stab things in your mouth while it's wide open and can't move

Once the ****er stabbed my lip for 5 minutes too. He was holding it up with the stabby thing for god's sake. I couldn't move my mouth to tell him be was being a moron
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Top 3 Reasons for me:

1. I show up on the time they scheduled me and I still have to wait 20 minutes.
2. The dentist inflicts pain on me.
3. He always asks me about my birthday, vacations, school, or work BUT in order for me to answer he has to stop doing what he is paid to do when I'd much rather him not ask me questions so the whole thing can go by a lot quicker and I can get on with the rest of my day.
because every time I go in I leave with less teeth
so I have stopped going in
that way I can continue eating a ton of crap and keep my teeth
faultless logic
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I enjoy going to the dentist. I've been told that I have some of the healthiest gums they've seen.
because I don't have dental insurance and that shit is expensive
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Shit working 24 hours a week at $12 an hour makes me rich?

Money, seriously. If you think the dentist hurts it means you aren't taking proper care of your teeth and gums, and as someone who knows from experience flossing makes all the difference. But yeah most people hate the dentist because of the cost associated with it and the fact not a lot of places offer any kind of benefits package to offset these bills. In the last two years I have had two root canals done (not crowned yet) and nine cavities filled, if I didn't have dental insurance my out of pocket expense would have been well over $10,000 with another $6000 for crowns. I have only been in pain at the dentist twice, once was my doing and once was where they had to stick a needle into the back of my mouth.

The self inflicted incident was from not flossing for ten years I had the beginnings of Periodontitis, they had to do a deep scaling and root planning which involves a device that is the same as that hand held hook poker thing they normally rape your gums with; however this one is attached to an ultrasonic hand piece so it can really scrape the built on crap off. After 12 hours that crap calcifies on your teeth and flossing can't get it off, eventually it increases the size of your periodontal pockets which can lead to you needing a skin graft on your gums. I needed only one treatment but holy shit it sucked it was really painful my gums bleed like a stuck pig and all I could taste in my mouth for half a day was blood.

The needle inflicted pain was from one of my root canals they needed to freeze the bottom of my mouth which required a really long weird placed injection, the dentist even told me it was going to hurt more then normal and he wasn't lying. When he pulled the needle out it felt like he pulled a 4 to 6 inch needle out of me, and WOULD NOT tell me how far it actually went in :\
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I like my dentist hes Polish and his names Vladmir
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Now I'm gonna poke your gums with a sharp object. Then I'll say that it wouldn't hurt if you flossed more.

Because they're disgusting and don't brush their teeth and thus the dentist tells them they're disgusting.
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My dentist has always said my teeth are fine and that I'm wasting her time coming in for check-ups even though she's happy to take my money when I turn up every other year.

We never had teeth problems as kids in my family. Might have been because we weren't allowed unhealthy stuff/sweets until we were teens.

I would presume people hate it for the same reason they hate prostate exams, smear tests and the like. Okay, the mouth isn't exactly a private place but someone shoving their fingers all up in there (in a non sexual way) still feels uncomfortable like other invasive examinations.

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I don't really like being sat in a reclining chair only to have sharp metal object put in my mouth.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I've had some really bad experiences with the dentist.

First dentist was great! A thoroughly top chap. But he got fired for some reason.

My next (and current) dentist is an arse. Did a load of unnecessary work on my teeth that will cost me a lot of money to rectify, that he earned maybe £200 out of. I've had one tooth fall out since he messed around with it. And the way he did it ensured that it would be painful.

I'm just refusing to go back. I brush my teeth twice a day and I don't have any toothache.
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every time i go i have to make another appointment to get my teeth reamed out.

it's terrible what they do to me
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They put a bunch of tools in your mouth and then ask you how your day is going.

And then they charge you.

I've also come to believe that in addition to being conmen, dentists are also all either assholes, sadists, or have mouth fetishes.
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It only "hurts" if you're disgusting.

I love going to the dentist. Cleanliness is a good feeling.

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I haven't been to the dentist in over a year (I only got to before because my mom is a dentist, which is partially why I don't like it).

Basically my mom is a dental assistance so she finds out everything and gets pissed even though my teeth aren't that bad, at least not because of me. I have awful teeth genetics so they are always trying to get me to do these procedures and I tend to have to spend five minutes talking my way out of shots, which happens to be one of my biggest irrational fears.

It's not that bad though.

Edit: By the way I'm not legitimately complaining about anything, read this in a 'meh, whatever' voice, not a ' ' voice.
The drills reek. Other than that I'm glad for the dentist, I don't have insurance, so normally I only go there when I'm in pain, and when I leave, the pain's gone^^

If it's not, they'll give me vicodin anyway.

I have more filling than teeth in my mouth, and I had jaw surgery and had to have braces for 4 years as a result. I've seen the dentist more than anyone here, I near guarantee it. I still think they're better to have than not.
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I personally hate sitting still for long periods of time and the fact that he's gonna be probing my mouth makes it worse.
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Okay, the mouth isn't exactly a private place but someone shoving their fingers all up in there (in a non sexual way) still feels uncomfortable like other invasive examinations.

I always get this urge to suck it really hard.
I don't have a problem with dentists in general, but i hate my dentist.

Just because she trolls me by asking me questions and expects me to answer her while she's digging into my gums
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A dentist ruined my root canal.

This is why I don't let them use novacaine when they drill my teeth, so I can feel it if they hit the root. I swear they cause more root canals than they fix.
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because i fidget constantly and its so uncomfortable because i dont brush often so it hurts when they clean my teeth.
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