I'm doing a cab replacement on one of my amps and want to do a custom faceplate and backplate as well. I e-mailed Joe at Amplates (who did some absolutely amazing work for me some years back) but received no response so I attempted a phone call. Number disconnected. Is Amplates still in business? If so, does anyone have a contact number or e-mail address? If not, does anyone know of someone who can provide the type of quality work in the custom faceplate realm that I got from Joe?
It seems that Joe just may be having a little phone trouble so for you folks who would like to have the ability to install incredible plates on your custom amp builds, Joe does wonderful work.
Thanks Mason. That's pretty cool looking stuff. I'm having a new custom amp done rather than a re-hash of the one I have and it'll be a fantasy sort of deal. A Princeton Reverb tweed art deco type of thing and what I'm after is burgundy plates with cream lettering. Can't seem to find anyone who can do it. What do you suggest?