I swear this is my last post about trying to find guitars!
To my understanding they're the same as 000's? Well anyways, I think that might be the size I'm looking for. Any good ones under $500 maybe $600? I've seen some but I was wondering what brands are good/bad, does anyone have personal experience playing any?
Thanks for the help!
I have a Martin 0001XAE MIM that I love... Some will tell you to stay away from the HPL sides and back of that particular model but it can be had for $500 with electronics in it and I think it sounds great.

Seagull has a few Solid Cedar top / Laminate Sides and Back in their coastline series that can be had in that price range w/o electronics. You can also look at their Natural elements line at the various Amber Trail Folk Cutaway's with electronics for close to $600. (They call their GC / 000 a Folk Guitar may not be exact same dimmensions but it's in the same ball park)

The Guild GAD Series M-120 is an all solid Mohagany that's made over seas that can be had for about $530 and is an excellent value considering you're getting all solid wood.
I'll throw in the Yamaha LS6, solid top with laminate rosewood and an ebony fretboard, its around 500.
Bruce's is so new, he still gets stiffy's when he walks into his living room( i probably would too....good thing he didnt list his address, he'd be cleaning his outer windows daily). i can't offer much help, i'm afraid. only comic relief. the big ones are too uncomfortble for me to play for any period of time.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
blueridge 12 and 14 fret 000s. all solid, sitka top, mahogany back and sides, nice, warm traditional tone

here's the acoustic electric version

the blueridge i'd buy if i were looking for this size is this one with the adi top and 1 3/4" nut. i love the sound of adi over mahogany!

and here's a great value for an all solid guitar - a recording king 000

the adi topped version
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