I'm simplifying my rig for live use so I'm getting rid of my pedalboard and putting my amp in a rack/combo case. It's a Dual Rectifier and I have the effects loop set to clean only and I would like to get a rack unit to throw some reverb into it, maybe some compression or delay too. I'm looking for something new or used for $150 or less that can do at least reverb if not other things.

I use a very long trailing ambient digital reverb so it would need to be able to do that. I've been looking at like the Lexicon MX200, or the Alesis Midiverb 4, but I'm not sure if there are other ones cheaper? Maybe some older discontinued models? I would like to buy used for under $100 but I'm also not willing to sacrifice tone just because I'm being cheap. Any suggestions?
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For US$200.00, I think your best bet is the Lexicon MX200. It sells new for $200.00, so a used one should be about half of that. Lexicon makes good units.
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