You just made the same thread like 20 minutes ago.
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Welcome to the forum, though I feel as though your visit wont last till the end of the week. Since most people don't know who Joe is and the fact that he doesn't fill stadiums should tell you he isn't overrated. Whats with the Joe B hate, did he kick you out of a show?
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You just made the same thread like 20 minutes ago.

I don't know who joe bonahassanfras even is, but it's probably the joe guy's best friend trying to generate album buzz or something. Nice try joe's friend.
I think TS is butthurt because he came up with the idea of ripping off old blues artists before Joe did, but Joe got the contract.

If anyone wants a quick laugh go on his website.
joe bonamassa was the guy that did black county communion with mini bonham and the dude from deep purple

he's meh but it's not like he's frusciante or tremonti. fuck those guys
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Oh yah, The Joshua Garcias are way better and don't get enough attention. They don't even have their own Wikipedia page yet.
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He does a lot of covers. Maybe he's overrated? I don't know. I quite like him tbh. I'm not going to stop liking him, even if he's overrated.
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It seems that if a guitarist is famous enough that you know his name, by default=overrated. And Bonamassa is a really bad example, he's a fantastic bluesman, what a player. He has a taste in note choice which makes his style very unique. In the same realm of playing, I would find someone like John Mayer to be completely overrated, I keep feeling "i've heard this lick before, and done better at that" when i hear his stuff.
Never heard of him, so I doubt he's "overrated". Having just listened to the first 8 seconds of a video on youtube to see who he is though, his playing sounds nice, so how about stfu? People give artists shit for being "overrated", when it's the fan's/media's fault for overrating them. So how about take your hate to the correct source huh? Dumbass.
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I'll tell you who's over rate.

I'm irritated you made two threads on this.

me too
Big Joe B fan here. I've seen him in concert, and I thought he really rocked the house. I think a lot of people who do listen to him make him out to be better than he is, but in the same breath not that many people know who he is. I don't think he's some 60s/70s blues God, but he's one of the best at what he does today.
I didn't know who Joe Bonamassa was, when Dad informed me we were going to see him at the local venue. Was very impressed, having gone in not really knowing what I was in for. I'd say he's easily worth his salt. Not really heard much of that Black Country Communion stuff, just his solo stuff. I think. I have no idea about him, really, just that one great gig
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No. I've seen many blues guitarists live and as far as the blow my mind factor, he is probably the best. But he does a lot more than blues like a lot of classical, spanish, jazz, Eric Johnson type scales (idk what this is but he does it a lot), and more.

Serious answer.