So I've been looking at the Fernandes Sustainer kits, as well as Sustainiac, and I have just a few questions that I can't seem to find answers on:

I realize that the sustainer driver is in the form of an actual pickup, but i can't find any information, or reviews as to how the actual pickup sounds. It's placed in the neck position, so how will it sound when I want to use the neck pup?

Tying into the previous question, the instructions all say that the driver pickup must be placed three (or so) inches from the pickup to be sustained, so regular pup in the bridge position, and the driver in the neck. So this means I can only get the sustaining effect using my bridge pickup yes? The driver pickup can't drive itself I'm guessing, and if I have a middle position pickup that won't work with it either?

Can any pot switches (afterburner, coil tap etc) be used with the sustainer?

Lastly, pros and cons of Fernandes vs Sustainiac?

Thanks in advance
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As far as I know you can use a middle pickup with the driver in the neck, but it won't sound great. Coil tap and other tone settings will work fine, since they only affect the tone once it's been produced if that makes sense.