Hey guys! I received this guitar some time ago after a 2+ year wait, so I guess it's time to post a proper NGD

Let's first see the thing in action:


And mandatory pics of course:


- Hesperian Slant body shape
- 8 string, 24 frets
- 27.5" scale
- maple neck through
- mahogany wings
- ebony fretboard
- abalone offset dots
- indigo/purple/blue quilt top
- BKP Aftermath bridge, BKP Painkiller neck
- Hipshot bridge
- Hipshot locking tuners
- 3-way pickup selector
- 2-way killswitch
- volume knob with BKP 550k pot

The guitar plays incredibly well, neck is ridiculously comfortable with a shape to die for, veeeery thin but without pronounced shoulders and not too flat, just perfect for both rhythm and shred. My Carvin DC800 neck was super comfortable too but thicker than this, in the end I prefer the BRJ's neck.

It is THE tightest and most pissed off of any guitar I own, even unplugged you can hear a certain "evil grind" during chords, mainly due to the good piece of ebony fretboard which gives a superb attack with firm fundamental and compression.

It is a rather bright sounding instrument due to the woods involved, 27.5" scale and 550k pot, but not overly bright. Just insanely tight and focused, actually even too much with the Aftermath bridge. I'm replacing it with some new pickups Duncan is sending to do a video review, very curious to hear how these behave.

Painkiller in the neck sounds really good too, like a "compressed strat on steroids" during leads. The guitar doesn't have a clean tone to die for but it's still very usable, this is due to the instrument being very focused rather than warm and open sounding.

The top speaks for itself. The blend between oiled neck/wings/sides and gloss top is veeeeery smooth, with no inconsistencies in the coating. Oil finish is the same I had in my Carvin DC800 which is more than good, but not at the spectacular level I've seen on KxKs and Blackmachines.

Despite the extended scale, I don't feel any effort during bends, 9-46 + 60 + 74 does the job just fine in drop E.

Hipshot bridge is a tank and I love it, but I can't say the same about Hipshot locking tuners. Yes they stay in tune but they're not as smooth as Sperzels (my favourites) and Schallers. The guitar stays in tune very well but it's not at the "NEVER out of tune" level of some of my guitars like the JP12-7 or '90s Ibbies, I suspect this is due to the nut not being super top notch quality, but in the end I'm just picky. It's a stable guitar that doesn't require retuning during a jam or session.

I also personally think the Hesperian design itself has the lower horn a bit too close to the body and it could happen that you hit it while playing the highest frets, but it happens rarely.

Hope you enjoyed this NGD guys
Thass jus STOOPID! HNGD, mang!

(And I'm pretty sure you should never let Prince see that guitar.)
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Words can not describe that beauty!HNGD
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That thing is beautiful, Francesco.

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Well when he actually finishes a guitar, they arent half awesome.

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wow that looks great HNGD
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