Hey, your song sounds very interesting, I've never heard anything like it. But I like it, it's really something unusual and different.
Keepin' in Touch would definitely benefit from having a little bit of difference in velocity in the keyboard parts. The next part reminds me of like goth mixed with old Doom music, pretty cool. I wish the drums were a little bit more prominent but they are fitting to the song.
Nice Sax solo btw, I wish you used some higher quality vsti's but they get the point across in the song.

Again, with Mish Mash 1 & 2 the song could of benefited with better vsti's.
Reminds me of sounds from an older Casio.
I like the low down part around 1:50, now only if it was a more realistic bass sound.....
I could imagine hearing this song on a Ps1 game.

Both written well but the production is not up to par.
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Keepin' in Touch... Yeah, awesome song. The piano sounded a bit artificial but that doesn't really matter. Kind of spooky feeling and I really liked it. I see nothing that would need to be improved.

Mish Mash 1 & 2... Feels like it would perfectly fit a soundtrack of an old video game.

Yeah, really original sounding songs. I liked both.

And I have to disagree a bit with Kyleisthename. While the sounds weren't the most realistic, I think this kind of "fake" sounds fit the music perfectly.

Oh, and I also listened to your surf song.
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Keepin in touch - I liked this one a lot, could easily fit on an 80s tv show/movie.. Very 80s sounding imo... You kept it very interesting throughout.. Enjoyed listening to it..

Mish Mash ! & 2 - This one didnt hold my attention as much, didnt have as much "hooks" until the last segment which was pretty kool..

I agree with some of the other comments about using more natural sounding/better plugins, could add another dimension to your tunes.. Unless thats the kind of sound you are going for..

But thats just my opinion..

Thanks for checkin my tune
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I don't think you were intending the instruments to sound purely natural. They do sound good (both tracks) in their own right. Your orchestrations fill out the sound spectrum nicely without sounding overcrowded. The best-sounding section in terms of atmosphere was in Keeping In Touch from around 2:00 onwards.

Only thing I didn't like is the drum sound on Mish Mash 2 (1:50). It's a bit harsh on the attack and not quite weighty enough. However, I like the Knight Rider theme-like rising sound at the very end!

All in all they're well put-together. There's a good overall structure with a main rhythm, melody and harmony - with added special FX ornamentations, used tastefully.

Vocals remind me of Richard O'Brien(!)
Keepin in Touch was pretty cool, agreed that the velocities could be mixed up, but obviously the intent isn't necessarily to sound natural. Kind of lost me a bit with the vocals. but they started to make sense after awhile. Very haunting vibe to the song, I dig it!

Mish Mash opens with a kick ass bass line, that sounds awesome! I wish it continued with that idea instead of transitioning to the second idea so soon. If the two ideas are intended to be one song it doesn't flow too well together. You should develop the first idea a bit more and then transition more naturally into the second. They're both good ideas, especially the first, but some polishing could be done as far as combining them
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I'm amazed by how much stuff you write! every time i'm on here, theres something new.

I've been listening to Keepin in Touch, sounds like the B-52's. I really liked the piano intro and the mix later worked really well together, it's defiantly got a strong vibe. My main criticism would be the drum's, they were distracting for me, they sound very artificial.
Keepin' In touch- I really like this song, the piano part at 0:45 reminded me a lot of something that would be on Final Fantasy, very Uematsu-like. The vocals are creepy and haunting in a good way. Wouldn't really improve anything, maybe more held out backing chords to fill a few sections out, but that's probably just my personal taste.

Mish Mash 1 & 2- Enjoyed this one a lot too, the opening part is very upbeat, happy, and whimsical. The switch up around 1:50 is perfect and a good change of pace. Still has that spooky whimsical sound but more dark. I feel like I'm on a journey through some crazy wonderland when I listen to this.

Keep up the great work!
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Heard keeping in touch. Not to sound like an asshole, but a thing that really bugs me is the midi piano and the midi guitar (it could sound good with better vst's, but best with real instruments). A little longer in the song when the chords started to change, it seemed more intresting, and when the vocals came in i finally got it. Nice industrial punk song. The vocals could be a little better, but in context, it was really cool.
Thanks for the feedback!

Mish Mash 1 & 2 has a cool initial melody, would perhaps suggest blending in a second instrument with modulation on it to freshen it up a bit, does get a bit samey after a while. Like the transition into and idea of the second section, would have liked it to go on for longer and with a bit more percussion. Mix overall is very good, would perhaps turn the lead synths down a tiny bit but otherwise nothing to criticize.

Keepin' In Touch needs panning work, the instruments all seem to fight for the middle too much for me. Great instrumentation though, love the section before the vocals come in especially. Again some extra percussion in the background would work well in the solo section.
Lol! I listened to Keepin' In Touch and I honestly have no idea what I'm listening to. But I like it! Pretty cool vibe and writing i'd say, really sounds unique. Its always fun to listen to your music
Keepin' in touch:

The very beginning reminds me of Andreas Ronnberg's song "tears", as they both have very low descending piano chords. It's interesting to hear Synth guitar, but I think actual guitar would have worked better here a little. There's something about real guitar that synth just can never really match up to. The vocals, I must say, are really unique. Like an English Weird Al or something. The ambiance in the intro and outro are also pretty interesting. All in all, no complaints from me. Not really my type of genre, but regardless of that, a solid, very listenable track, in my opinion.

Mish Mash 1 & 2:

Very strange keyboard beat, and even odder synth instrument on top of it (can't quite place my finger on it. Is it clarinet or something?). The ambiance is pretty cool here too, and afterwards, the upbeat part is pretty capturing as well. Another strange ambient outro, eh?

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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it. For "Mish Mash 1 & 2", I think that is some sort of sampled clarinet, or a sampled synth that sounds like a clarinet (it is from a Korg TR-Rack synthesizer). I have played electric guitar since 1986, so I agree that real guitar most always sounds better than sampled guitar, though sometimes sampled guitar has an interesting & different sound that is nice for a change of pace, in my opinion.
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Interesting song indeed. I like dissonance in music and this song serves that well. But please do something about that riff at 1:00, the epic intro cannot be followed by that crappy riff lol (sorry). Interesting singing style as well. The whole song reminds me quite a bit of art/avant-garde rock. The synth solo is well done, good modal usage there. The percussion is great and the synth sound mixing does that justice as well. Keep up the good work