Hey, guys. I put up my Traynor YCS100H up for trade and within a few hours I got offers for both an all-original '73 Twin Reverb and a Peavey Classic 50 2x12.

I'm leaning towards the Twin. I guess, with the Peavey, I'm hoping that it'll sound like my Deville (which is the best sounding Deville I've ever heard. It must have been blessed before leaving the factory.)

If it matters, I also have a Dual Rec. and a Peavey Mace VT head that sounds incredible at lower to mid levels.

I have quite a few guitars but I'll mainly be using a 72' Thinline, a Paisly Reissue Tele, a Strat with Teaxas Specials and a 63 Les Paul.

Also, I've read some complaints with pedals and both amps.
Right now I run
Dead Hipster
Handwired Russian tube screamer with both 808 and TS9 chips
Tube King
Small Clone
Hall of Fame Reverb
Blue Sky Reverb
RC20xl Looper.
Which ones would be a problem with either amp?

Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks, guys.
The '73 Silverface was the last of the CBS era, which means the build quality is rather garbage. It was, however, the first Twin with a master volume. If you was to trade for it, I recommend getting it modified to Blackface specs. They are good amps though, once you get some good tubes and speakers in there. I think that in your situation, I would go with the Classic 50.
The Peavey Classic to me is like an AC30 clone. Good honky crunch sound but not too crazy for clean or for high gain.

The Fender - depends on the resale value, if it is a trade up might get it but I'll keep the Traynor if it were strictly for making music.

The Fender - you can restore to original spec which might be worth doing as these sounded incredible.