I have an epi. sg 310. i tried to fix the insides when it started falling apart. for awhile its been great, even thoufh it ended up spliced straight to my chord inside the body. i had found quite a few screwed connections, but now ive got the toggle off and more disconnections than i can handle by memory. i want to play it toggle free with all or nothin switch. i have blue
black, red, white, bare wires and ive lost my way. havent found any similar diagrahms or scems that look like mine. please help me out. Epiphone SG special 310 BLACKonBLACK Need reg. wiring, but would like alternate wirings to make diff. sounds. or any advice. thanks. brandon bailey
What is all this. I can't follow much of what you've written.

What internally was falling apart?
What did you try to fix?
What did you 'splice' through?
Where are the screwed connections and what was connected to them?
By the toggle I assume you mean the pickup selector. You want to remove this so both pickups play at max output all the time, together??

You don't want alternate wirings, I get the vibe you don't understand even what's meant to be the stock wiring.

Sorry man, I found this really hard to follow. You probably know what you're talking about, but communicating effectively to others has fallen short.

Here's a kind of stock diagram
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