My friend told me about this Pedal Wheel thing he saw online...according to facebook it's a Kickstarter project about to start. I've heard of other ways to do this but this seems to be more practical. Has anyone seen/used something like this before?


(p.s. I hope we can post links...it's not really for sale right now so it shouldn't break any posting rules!)

edit: maybe a youtube link? If not I think you can search facebook for it, video's probably up there too
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Link won't work.
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Damn that's a good idea, I wish I had one for my delay pedal.

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Looks mega awkward to use

3rd hand is still the one I'd go for, if I was going for something like that.
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Neil Young has been using something like this with his Fender Tweeds for a while, it's called a "Whizzer" IIRC.

EDIT: The Whizzer is similar, but it controls the knobs on his amps with preset foot switches

"Young also has a custom-built contraption called “The Whizzer” sitting atop this amp. The Whizzer connects to the actual knobs on the amp and is controlled by a foot pedal by Young on stage. The Whizzer is dialed in to three different settings on the amp. So if he wants to turn everything up, he hits one of three buttons, and the Whizzer turns the knobs to his predetermined settings. This allows him to use the natural distortion that comes from the amp and forego any kind of gain booster or distortion pedal."

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Wow, that "Whizzer" is awesome! Looks a lot complicated than this though. Has anyone ever actually SEEN a 3rd Hand?? They were only around for a little while and cost over a hundred dollars so I think they're a myth

...and it doesn't look like complicated for that guy in the video. If you had one or two for key controls it would be more doable.
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Hi Mr. Zaccaro,
After doing a little digging it seems that your 'friend' did not show you this on facebook. It appears that this is your project.

Kindly go to hell and stay there.