Heyy, I've been listening to Dope's album No Regrets a lot recently, and I've noticed that nearly all of Virus' solos have a distinct similarity in notes, even when they are in different keys and tunings, and it's unlike a lot of other metal solos I've heard...
I was wondering if anybody knows whether he has a particular means of playing that make his solos sound like this?

Thanks! Here, I'll link two of their songs so you know what I mean...

No Regrets (Song), solo starts at about 1:56
[forbidden link]

Violence, Solo starts at about 1:42
[forbidden link]

Please give some insight, I'm assuming that they playing in some kind of mode of Harmonic Minor scale or something :P
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Oh... Why are Youtube links disabled? xD
Soon, Someone Will Break Through The Lies That You Call Your Life... And I'll Be Waiting.
I had a quick listen. Sounds like the minor scale. Do you know the minor scale?
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Most solos use either major or minor scale (and of course some accidentals) and emphasize the chord tones. It's not about the scale you use, it's about your phrasing and "signature licks". That's what makes whoever sound like whoever.

The first song used minor scale with a b2 and the second one was minor pentatonic (and also a diminished arpeggio in the end of the solo).
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So it was a Diminished arpeggio! Thank you, and yes I understand that each artist will use their own range of techniques and styles, and that he's not limited to one means of performing.
I know that's not what he completely solos in every time, I wasn't clear enough with the question, I meant what the mode/scale was at the end of the solo, which he uses the same sort of thing in lots of his songs :P

But thank you anyway