Hello all!

I wanted to share yet another thrashy song i re-recorded today, some of you may have heard it already but its all in good fun . The idea here was to capture the sound of force of Metallica with the speed of Iced Earth.

All comments, links are welcome and i always C4C everyone

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Getting a 502 error from Google when I try to view the embed, do you have an alternate link?
I downloaded a .exe once, opened it, and it pretty much nailed my computer, and yes, by nailed I mean, got it's **** out and shoved it in my computers ass.
I don't listen to much metal but I can dig it. It is definitely super tight and I like the drums a lot more than some of the less humanoid ones you hear in a lot of metal. The leads have some cool harmonic stuff going on. Keep it up.
Hey man, I also commented/ranted on your Creeping Death cover... that's one of my favorite thrash tunes.

As far as blending Iced Earth and Metallica... yeah man, that's what it sounds like. I'm a fan of both bands. Ever listen to Demons and Wizards? It's Iced Earth with the vocalist from Blind Guardian, pretty epic stuff.

Anyways, as for the songs, I love how you contrast the thrashy rhythm with the harmonized melodies. I sense a little bit of heavier metals with the chromatic harmonized melodies that are introduced in what I would imagine is the verse. I'm guessing the part around 1:20 is the chorus, or maybe the part directly after it... hard to tell without vocals but I'm sure they are on the way. You've definitely created a very epic platform for them with an instrumental that doesn't meander too far away from where it starts. It's cohesive yet it manages to keep my interest without getting stale. Around 2:55 it sounds like you imply a new harmony and I think you could stand to draw that out a bit longer because I liked it and wanted to hear more of it before you ended the track.

Overall very good metal tune, I enjoyed the whole thing.
I think you really captured the production style of both bands in this track, how did you get that drum sound ?

The riffing was really tight and the harmonies although large in numbers, didn't seem excesive.
Thank you all for your comments! Sorry i took so long to reply, most of the riffs i've had here were really old stuff i recorded many times. The drum sound was taken from the Drum Tracks. My style is all digital but i try and make it sound as real as possible. I hope to hear from more of you!