I would like to know if you guys know some Etudes I could use for alternate picking. I use a few compositions(Flight of the mosquito, Flight of the bumblebee) as etudes & I know a Chopin etude(Piano concerto in A minor, Op 2, the one Petrucci does). I also use song parts like Dream Theater's The Glass Prison's arpeggio section & the main theme of Jason Becker's Mable Fatal Fable.

Do you guys now any etudes to complement what I do?
I personally used and am still using Czernys "40 daily exercises" and Hanons "The Virtuoso Pianist" for practicing alternate picking. They are originally for piano, but can be adapted for guitar, so i use them for both alternate picking and legato practice. Worked great for me so far, might want to give it a try!
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Woah I should try Hanon on guitar. I have it lying around but never thought what would happen if I did it on guitar.

Now, to relearn how to translate the staff onto the guitar...