My Sweet '60s: 1. Surfin' 2. The Waves 3. Suck My Joint (Peace and Love)


Another song I made with my friend. The first part is '60s style surf and the outro part is some kind of '60s/early '70s "trippy" music (you can hear some Pink Floyd influences). We just started jamming this when my friend played a chord that to me sounded like surf. We started a surf jam and decided to write a song based on it.

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That's pretty different, but I could listen to this again! Good job.
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I didn't know the surfing was so good in Finland Yes, it seems you did mix the Floyd & surf music together...interesting! Playing is pretty tight. Sounds nice. Please review my music at this link:


Though you'll probably prefer this surf tune (got radio play) of mine instead of the 2 songs on the thread link above:


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What is this I don't even...it's so spookily awesome haha. Sounds like the intro to a Quentin Tarantino movie to me, pretty sweet. The tonality of the production is extremely fitting, good job there. It sounds very vintage and appropriate, not forced or retro-fitted at all. I really like the lead work! The transitions are a bit...off, the second one especially. Obviously the third section is quite different from the rest, but I feel like the transition is just a bit off.

Overall you really nailed it! I'd just work on making the second transition more fluid and contextual instead of just "boom!"

C4C? This may be a bit out of your area of enjoyment, but what the heck lol
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