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I am planning to sell my 4x12 cabinet on ebay and naturally I will need to find a courier service that would deliver it. I have checked the usual places and as far as I can tell, none seem to offer a service for items over 30kg

I'm sure there are many people on here who have been in a similar situation as myself, so could anyone tell me of any UK based couriers who collect and deliver items of this nature?

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I always use parcel2go, don't know if they have a maximum weight but just had a quick scan of their site & didn't notice it anywhere.
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I haven't sent an amp, but I have recieved one. The fellow I bought my stack from sent it via City Link.
I've bought and shipped a complete interior replacement for my car through Interparcel, 2 front seats, rear bench, door cards. Shipped on a pallet, it was like £50. A big ass cab will be the same, its really not that expensive.