Is it to tune drums to the key of a song? Is it something necessary? Or do you just tune drums until they sound good? If the song was in the key of Emaj what would you tune each drum to?
No, that's not really necessary, though it may sound a bit more pleasant.

If the key is Emaj, I'd find the best sound you can get from each drum, and then tune just the toms to the closest note in the scale.
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Completely unimportant.

Tuning snares to the key of a song is relatively common in the pop/rock world and a lot of Nashville studios, but it's still on eof those things that is only worth the effort if you've already got an amazing drummer, kit, skins, tuning, room, mics, preamps and engineer.

Just tune the drums so they sound their best rather than worrying about this stuff.
I don't see the point really for most rock/pop. Especially not metal where all you need is the impact, not a specific pitch. If you like the sound of the drums, it doesn't matter the pitch. If it works, it works.

However I could see the use depending on the song. For a slower hipster-y song (can't really think of how to describe it) that uses the drums for more than just keeping a beat, tuned toms could add to the song if you use them right. The snare just needs to sound good, unless you're playing with the wires off and want the pitch to go with the song, which makes sense.

Just go with what sounds good. I don't feel it's worth the effort for what I do.
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