I just bought a used Schecter Hellraiser C-1 off of Ebay. Cosmetically its in near perfect condition, but it sounds like crap. The volume is very low; I have to turn my amp to half volume to hear it (with my other Ibanez I only needed the volume on 2). It also breaks up very quickly. If I strum hard, it sounds better, although still not all that great. But if I strum softly it sounds like I'm playing through gravel.

Anyway, I'm wondering what your advice would be on this. Should I just send it back to the guy, or should I look into getting it fixed if its a wiring problem or something.
Oh, a lot of us have been there before, my friend! Schecter has an annoying tendency to skimp on the electronics in their instruments. From what you described, it is probably an easy and inexpensive fix. The first thing to check is the output jack on the guitar. Are there any loose or unconnected wires? Does it look as if any of the wire connections to the output jack have been oversolderd (thereby creating an unwanted connection)?

If all is well with the output jack, your next move is to examine the pickup selector switch. I've had switches go sour in some of my Schecters. As with the output jack, make sure there are no loose, unconnected or oversoldered wires. After that, check the wires from the pickup as they are attached to the switch, and to the pots. Look for the same possible problems.

It is almost certainly one of those three things. Even if you have to have a tech do the job, it isn't an expensive task.

Good luck!
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If you have active pups in it you might simply just need a new battery.
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If you have active pups in it you might simply just need a new battery.

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New battery first for the active EMGs. Then the input jack and on from there as suggested. Great guitar for metal!

Good Luck!
Alright, I changed the battery (pretty stupid of me not to think of that, lol) but that didn't help. I looked at the output jack, and it appears to be fine, although I am a noob when it comes to wiring and all that. Another thing I noticed is when I touch either of the volume knobs it starts to buzz loudly. Grounding issue perhaps?

Edit: It's fixed now. The battery cavity was too big for the battery, so I just wedged it with some cardboard. Here I was thinking it was some massive wiring problem when all it turns to be was the battery wasnt even connected
thanks for the help though guys, I really appreciate it
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