Hey guys. I did a search prior to posting, couldn't find any relatable answers.

So I have a 2011 Taylor 314ce. I am the first and only owner. It has sounded beautiful up until about 2 weeks ago. The sound is suddenly very quiet, and thin sounding. I compared it to my sister's 214ce to make sure I wasn't hearing things (yes, I know it's laminate), but the difference was definitely there.

First thing I thought of was the strings. They were getting old anyways. So I changed them to my usual choice strings, Elixir Nanoweb mediums, but no difference in sound quality.

I went deeper and considered the humidity of the guitar. I checked the roundness of the top and bottom surfaces, and both sides appear to have good curvature. Running my finger down the neck I don't feel any frets poking, so I know the neck isn't shrinking. I put a dampit tube in the sound hole for two days just to make sure, still no difference.

I am so confused. I would like my Taylor to sound great again, kinda miss its original tone.

Sorry for the wall of text :s wanted to make sure I gave all the details.
sounds like a humidity issue to me. buy and test a hygrometer and use it. i'm thinking it could be too humid where you are rather than too dry. where we are, we've seen anywhere from 17% to 80%, so sometimes we need to use our humidifier, sometimes we use our a/c or a dehumidifier.

btw, guitars tend to sound great just before they're too dry, although being really dry can make them sound thin and weak.
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^--Agreed. Buy a good quality hygrometer so you know what you're dealing with.