Hi I've been using this great site for a long time, but I'm new to the forums.

I need some advise. About a month ago I was putting some furniture together and in the process injured my ring finger and pinky on my fretting hand, since then I've had trouble playing the guitar. Fretting with my pinky is hard now and bending notes with my ring finger upwards is hard too.

My fingers don't hurt they just feel numb, it's seems like cts, but I've never had the cts before and I have never heard of it coming from an injury.

I was not sure where to post this so if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry.
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lol see a doctor dude
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Just moved to a new area not registered with a doctor right now and I'm scared of them. I was just looking for some friendly advise on the situation...
Well, in this case the friendly advice is to go see a doctor.

There's a possibility that your finger will heal normally on its own, and just needs time. But it's been a month. What do you think we can tell you, not being able to examine your finger?
i suggest, like Hail and Hotspur, to see a doctor... you don't want the injury to linger or become worse...
On the other hand, you would do a killer Django Reinhardt impression .
More seriously though, yeah, just as the others said, go see a doctor quickly.
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