recently i have adjusted the way i hold my pick and i can suddenly alternate pick a lot faster but now i dunno where to put my right hand as im picking

if i don rest on the strings then my right shoulder tightens up and if i do rest on the strings i cant pick all the strings easily (especially the top ones)

where should i be resting my palm?
Rest your hand lightly on the strings and use your elbow to move so you can pick with your wrist at a neutral angle to the strings. Your wrist should actually move the pick and your arm keeps the hand/wrist in a good position relative to the string you're currently picking.
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In relation to OPs question, are there special techniques to palm muting fast alternate picking power chords? I play a lot of punk rock and you come across it often (and in metal a lot as well, though I don't really play that). I like the way it sounds but I cannot seem to do it "cleanly". As the OP said, something starts to cramp (for me usually the forearm), or my pick gets caught up on the strings if I angle it in a way where my arm doesn't have any discomfort.

I can alternate pick chords fine, as well as single note runs for riffs/solos. It's JUST when I try to palm mute too. I hold my pick between my thumb and index finger, and usually the pick's point is at a right angle to my thumb and my index finger is the same orientation as the pick. I only know this because I just picked up a pick like I was gonna play and then examined my grip, I've never really looked before, I just grab a pick and it naturally goes to the comfortable position. Anyway, I've tried adding my middle finger to the back as well, for more stability, but that seems to get the pick caught up even more on the strings as it has less flex now. (for what it's worth I normally play .73mm Dunlop Ultex for electric, .60 for acoustic, and 1.something for bass). My friend curls his ring finger up, so instead of the pick's point sticking out from the from of the index finger, it sticks out of the "middle" of the 3 sections of the finger. But I cannot keep rhythm that way AT ALL, it feels so unnatural, and again, it makes the pick more rigid which just hangs up my picking.

Any pointers? And sorry OP, no intentions of a hijack, I'm just in a similar boat so I figured I'd throw it out there.
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