I recently bought a used marshall jvm210h, and so far, I like it. The problem I'm having is the volume control on the clean/crunch channel is malfunctioning. It does not control the volume in the "green" mode, but works fine in the "orange" and "red" mode. while in the "green" mode, the volume can be all the way down, but the amp still plays depending on the setting of the master volume 1 or 2. I've tried resetting to factory, but this didn't work. I know it's a problem, but does anyone out there know what's happening? I'd appreciate any advice.
I believe I read something somewhere that that is just the way it is with the JVM.

Can you download the JVM user manual to double check? You can also research this on the JVM forums.


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I read the manual, and you're correct. It says the channel volume is taken out of the circuit in the green mode. Being a normal guy, I didn't read the directions first. Thank you for the help!!