Hello, I'm quite upset about my rejected tab. It was 100% correct and there was only one other of the song and it was wrong! I have been a ultimate guitar user for years now and decided to try and help out the community and start putting out accurate tabs. I spent about an hour typing it out and you just reject it??? I wanted to see my work on your mobile app that I paid for and use a lot when i'm playing at the cottage. Instead I have to use a persons inaccurate app to play along with the song. Thanks alot.
Well, what were the denial notes? Tabs aren't denied just for no reason (unless you encounter the glitch I go through). Read up on the denial notes and see what the problem was.

Also, you obviously have the right to submit it again and again, so you dont have to get upset over it. Sheesh.

Just re-submit it and chances are, if not the users, the tab moderators will take a look at it.
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yeah, you can just go to My Contributions in your profile. Then click on the tab and you'll see it pop up on the screen. Copy and paste the tab onto a Submit Tab application and rewrite the song name, and band name and your done. Not hard
Thanks guys I've calmed down a bit now. I still have 2 tabs waiting approval so I really hope they get approved and I Might just re-submit the other one. Thanks again