It' would sound like some odd shoegaze tune with the right effects . Not sure about the distortion guitar in the intro but other than that pretty much a done song but would like some listens to see if i have to improve some things. C4C on this one
Without Ressentiment.gp5
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Wow man, this sounds awesome! ive never heard of shoegaze before, but this is a great first impression! it kinda reminds me of "dream on" by aerosmith; probably because its in F minor lol. but the riffs are delightfully odd and dark (big fan of progressive music)

only downsides i see are that its a tad repetitive. the riffs themselves are really good, but theyre just played too much. also i think this would sound great with a guitar solo somewhere. not sure where id put it, but this deserves an epic guitar solo. lastly, the bass is pretty basic and could use some spicing up.

all in all, i really like the way this sounds! id give it about an 8.5-9/10

if you wouldnt mind, could you look at some of my songs in my threads that ive posted? i could really use some input on them. thanks man
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