as above? i have a flanger chorus and synth pedal and was wondering if this could be used?
Absolutely not. Kim John-un's chronies will have you lifted from your house within 24 hours for such a blasphemy.

But no, really, it will work fine. I don't know what you expect to happen, but nothing will break. It may, however, not sound fantastic. You will lose a lot of low end (although that's the nature of most wah effects on bass). I used to gig happily with a Vox wah intended for guitar, but I eventually got a Dunlop Bass Crybaby and it's so much more usable.
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so £25 for a normal cry baby to have a play around with would seem reasonable?? it would only be used for top end stuff anyway.
It will work, but it may cut some lows from the signal
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With any guitar-made effects used on bass, you'll normally have lessened effects on the low notes (E+A string) but if you're playing in the middle of the neck, chances are you'll be in frequencies the pedal was made for.
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I use the Morley Classic Wah, which is a guitar pedal, on my bass. It does ok on anything down to about drop D.
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