Hi guys,

At a gig last night the screw which holds my strap button near my neck became very loose due to excessive guitar throwing & moshing.

Similar thing happened to my strat about 5-years back.

I seem to remember repairing it using this thin straw-like plastic with a cross inside. I basically rammed it in, trimmed & screwed directly in. Worked fine.

But this has happened to me beloved ESP Eclipse & I want to be 100% sure on the best way to repair it. I'm gigging often & need it sorting asap.

I've seen 3 methods online & I was just wondering what you guys though is the safest way.

Method 1 - Insert a plastic dowel & screw direct in.
Method 2 - Fill it with glue & jam some match sticks or tooth picks in. Screw in while the glue is still wet
Method 3 - Same as 2, but let it dry. Then drill a slightly smaller hole & screw in.

All advise welcomed!
wood glue and tooth picks in the hole. trim the excess and let it dry then screw back in.
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Why would you throw your beloved guitar around? That's why you take the cheapo to the gig with you. Unless ESP is giving you free guitars, stop throwing them around.