So about five years ago I got my first guitar as a Christmas present and I was extremely excited, and couldn't wait to start learning my favourite songs. At that time, I was listening to a hell of a lot of Nirvana, and so I started learning a lot of their songs, which as I'm sure you'll all know contain a lot of power chords. I couldn't be bothered paying for proper lessons so just went off tabs, mainly on here, and my mate tried to teach me a bit too but it never really worked.

Anyway, I was on and off with how seriously I took the guitar until about 18 months ago when I watched the documentary It Might Get Loud (the Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge one) and it just gave me a complete kick up the arse to get playing again. Suddenly I'd be coming home from work and be putting in a good couple hours in before my dad got home every day, learning songs and writing them too. I was also exploring different types of music at the time too. But the problem was that I was, and still am, using power chords in every song, sometimes the change sounds good, a lot of the time it just sounds gimped and it's also meant I can't really play anything on the acoustic. I can also play some slower-tempo solos but I just can't improvise or come up with my own solos.

So now I'm thinking to go up a level I actually need to start from the beginning, and I'm just wondering how best to approach learning chords (and transitioning between chords) from scratch, as well as some scales to help with my improv.
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is all you need.

yes! the free stuff is so helpful. i started learning jazz chords mainly with this site.
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yes! the free stuff is so helpful. i started learning jazz chords mainly with this site.

It's not just the material, Justin is a genuinely great teacher
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Get in to country or folk. Start playing slide for 90% of time. Listen to some folk players...Davy Graham,Roy Harper for start.
See I really wanna learn slide but whenever I try it it just sounds crap.

Cheers for the advice guys, just checked out justinguitar and it looks like the way to go.
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