So i'm buying tix for QOTSA and I want general admission pit seats and can't get two at the same time so i'm gonna buy one and one. On livenation it says there are row and seats, but thats just for the website right? because pit is pit and everybody stands together correct?
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depends on the concert. If it says rows then there will probably be rows, but that's strange for a QOTSA concert. Are you sure your in the first pit? Because at stadiums they have multiple pits some times and only one is an actual pit
All the times I've bought tickets I was given the choice of standing or seated. Don't know what pit seats are, the pit is where people mosh normally.
Yeah the description said General Admission Pit-Standing, but then under that it said like Row 1 Seat 33 so I was confused whether there would be seats because its not normal to have seats in the pit. Doesn't matter now anyways my friend never got back to me and now General Admission is sold out, looks like we'll be in the reserved seating. Thanks guys