I have a minor gripe with the comments nesting. Once there gets to be enough back and forth replies, they don't shift over any farther and so if there are several people are all responding, it becomes very difficult to determine who is responding to which comment since it becomes a big stack of chronological posts.

Like I was posting on this lesson and some dummies started getting pissed off because I made valid criticisms on faults that the lesson has, and a couple of other people joined in, but now I don't know who is responding with to what unless people post @so-and-so or something.

I post my "artwork" on deviantART and they have a way that you can check the parent to each comment which allows you to tell which reply goes with which comment.

Would it be possible to add a link to the comment that is being replied to? There are links already to individual posts, but perhaps adding a second link to the parent comment could be done?

I really don't comment on or even read the columns enough for it to be a big deal for me, but when I do it can get very confusing, especially when people don't make an indication as to who they are responding to.
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Haven't been keen on these things lately but I think UG is somewhat new to the trickle down string system.

Would be nice to have the string roll out further to the right or have collapsible "reply to" sections so you can direct a reply to the original comment. Maybe have a textblock replying to as well.
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