i haven't done much work with bass guitars.. and this is the first time messing with a built in pre-amp.. I came here because im confused.. hoping some one will help..

okay im tryin to change pickups this is the diagram with the new pick up
im trying to wire it to a 2 pos. switch showen on top.. whats the box for??

this here is the stock wiring. http://postimg.org/image/o6qrz14n5/

why is a passive pick-up wired to a 9volt??

can anyone explain how to wire this pickup?? please
The Curbows have active pickups. It even says it right there on the stock wiring diagram. So it's going to be awkward adding a passive pickup, and it might not sound good. And there's no passive pickup hooked up to a 9 volt.

The 'box' on the top is the switch. It's a basic wiring diagram for an SPDT. It's what the bottom of the switch looks like.

Then you'd wire the hot/black wire coming off that switch to the white/brown wire shown in the stock wiring, and ground the other wire to the bass pot as shown.

Why are you doing all of this? The Curbow comes with a really good active Bartolini in it already.
lol it does say active lol wow.. I feel more stupid... the pick-up that's in it now sounds good on the low end but as you move up theres not much high end.. if that makes sense.. pretty much It wounds like 1 end of the pick-up is working and there other end not so much..