Because I really don't see why they would downvote it for any reason. There's only one other tab for the song and it's kind of not good. But anyway yeah how can I see what they had to comment when they downvoted it thanks? Also I decided to just resubmit it anyway soooo yeahh. Thanks errybody
for future reference, if you go into your account settings and elect to recieve an email notification when your tabs get approved, you will also get them when they are rejected,scroll down in the email and it should show any comments made before rejection
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
No, that doesn't work. I have just received a rejected tab notification. It provides only generic reasons why a tab might have been rejected.

Like the OP I'd like to see the *actual* comments about my tab especially as I had given reasons why the tab was different from the other versions already on the archive.
it works for me, i'm able to see all the comments in the email, you need to have a certain amount of tabs before you are able to see the comments,i dont know the #. ,a.k.a. trusted tabber status in the queue, then you can also see the user name of the person who comments
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
So basically, I'm going to have to go and beg for ratings to get trusted tabber status? Bleh. Everyone should be able to see the reasons (not the generic ones) for rejection.

And I believe trusted tabber status = at least 50 tabs with a 4-5star average. Though if it's 5 average, I'm gonna have to get a mod to delete the spiteful 1 star ratings.
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