This is kinda a two part post of two completely different things. First, i'm looking for a good reverb. Versatile, great sound, and reasonable price. At the moment the number one contender is the TC electronic Hall of Fame. I'm very open for suggestions and would like to keep the price fairly reasonable ($130ish is probably my max)

Secondly, I am also going to try and build my own pedal board soon. I'd like something that I can mount something like an MXR brick in a hidden place (underneath or under a second tier... etc). I just want to be able to hide a mess of cables and power supplies and have all of my pedals easily accessible. I'm looking to have maybe 8 or 10 pedals on it, wah, tuner, TS9, phase 90 are what I have already. I'm open to suggestions on materials to use and pictures of something you may have built would be great!!!
A different approach to the pedalboard. It requires some woodworking skills but it works quite well.
Each pedal sits in a routed cavity and the front board screws on to lock them all in place. The power supply lives under the steel plate on the left where the footswitches are. The footswitch on the right is the channel switch for the amp. Note how it's next to the tubescreamer (the Vegemite pedal) so I can hit both simultaneously.

Just something different to consider. Might give you some ideas.

Oh, and on the back there are sockets so I can break it up into two sections. One for front of amp and other for the loop. If I am not using the loop it all connects straight through. Plus of course a socket for the amp switching and an IEC mains power socket.
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