Ok so I saw this ad and was chomping at the bit to take a look at it... I know the picture sucks and this is my first post... but pleases help me out... From what you can see does this look legit to you, or do you think its a fibson.... shit for the price the amp alone is prolly worth it. thanks ahead

h ttp://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=389&search=&ssid=25573153
It looks like a Epiphone
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Quote by Robbgnarly
It looks like a Epiphone

Thanks Robb... was looking at that as well... looks like 1 volume knob and its missing a pickup. Just doesn't look like a legit Flying V... for the price its not a bad deal. was thinking about getting it anyways. How does that make any sense though? Maybe it was a build?
Uggghh.. somebody sangged it before I could go look at it. Im pretty sure it was no Gibson though, and it was missing a pickup.. the amp was just so so. Still.... seems I missed out on a good deal. Bet one of you bastids swooped in on it eh! lol
Quote by Dr.shred 801
115$ USD with the amp...

that was a good deal.

it looks like an epi they made a few years ago.

bummer you missed it.