Basically, I play guitar in C Standard tuning mostly. I was thinking of getting a 5 string bass mainly because I don't want to have to get the nut bored out to accomodate thicker strings. Also, it's pretty obvious that a 5 string gives you a bit more range than a 4 string so I would like to take advantage of that as well.

My main purpose for getting a bass is for recording. I'm quite into some death metal at the moment, but my tastes seem to be going toward the more melodic side and I find myself liking more of a black metal sound nowadays. I'm looking for a more audible sort of bass sound rather than the more stereotypical metal bass you can't hear so well.

I'm thinking of picking up a 5-string jazz bass unless someone can convince me otherwise. Frankly, I don't know a whole lot about bass guitars so it shouldn't be that hard to convince me that a precision bass is the way to go.

At the moment I'm not too worried about having a bass amp because I use a Line6 solid-state device which accomodates bass guitars as well as regular guitars. I plan to get a good tube amp with time, and maybe even a bass amp if this really doesn't cut it, but this is good enough for right now.

I don't want to spend more than $500, and I live in Canada. What kind of bass do you think would be appropriate?

If you need more information, feel free to ask and I'll be more than happy to help you help me.
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if there is a shop that you can go to, go there and try out as much as you can. its all well and good me suggesting the yamaha rbx 375, the next person suggesting an ibanez sr and another person the jazz or maybe a p bass. they'll each have their own nuances which may suit your playing style perfectly or completely alienate you. for example, i can barely play an ibanez bass. i find their necks too thin for me to play comfortably while other people here will swear by them.
it might also be worth looking into the rockbass line from warwick but since their overhaul i can't be sure on their prices. i picked up a vampyre in 2009 for about £400 if thats of any use.
Rockbasses aren't worth the time or money, imo. A real Warwick can be pricked up for barely any extra if you go second-hand, they aren't holding their value too well.
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For metal you can't go wrong with MM style pickups (like guitar humbuckers). I'm another vote for the RBX375, it's a great instrument.
This Line 6 "device" isn't an amp of any sort is it? because I highly doubt it actually accommodates for bass unless it's a Lowdown (or whatever their bass amp is called).
Also pro tip, if you can get an amp with a decent-ish clean channel and a bass cab it can pull double duty guitar and bass. Amps don't give a crap what signal goes into them, but a guitar cab will die from the low end in a bass.
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This Line 6 "device" isn't an amp of any sort is it?

No, it's not an amp. It's a Line 6 GX. It hooks up to my computer via USB and I have a nice little sound system I have the headphone jack hooked up to. It has a few virtual bass amp models to choose from, and I have played bass through it before. It's alright, but my ears are getting to the point where I am starting to notice its flaws. To be honest, I'm actually quite impressed with the thing though. When I get a good tube amp, I'll really see just how good/bad the GX is.

I'll take these recommendations into consideration and try a few basses out in the stores around here. Thanks, guys!
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