Hi im looking to buy a new bass. I currently have a Squier 5 string by Fender. And honestly, I hate the damn thing. Its freaking heavier than all else ive never been a fan of fat necks, and the pickups can handle the fifth string being dropped at all it just sounds like crap. I only bought this bass to learn on as i was a guitar player for 5 years before. Now im in a gigging band and I'm looking to upgrade.

Ive played the sr400qm at guitar center before and instantly fell in love with it. Fast neck ULTRA light body super thin, active pickups, eq. I loved it. But after doing some looking and looking at my favorite bassists i found the sr500 and i know its a bit more pricy than the 400qm but if its worth it, im willing to drop the extra cash. If its everything the sr400qm had and then some id defiantly be willing to pay more. im just curious to see what you guys have to say. Im wanting a very functional bass. With the band im in I play with a little distortion much like Dustin Davidson of August Burns Red. but i also use it as a studio bass for just backing up acoustic guitar and doing some funk maybe in the future.

Just wanting to see if anyone had some wisdom they'd like to share. Much appreciated!

The SR500 is slightly more versatile, and has better pickups (Bartolini MKI), but in my opinion it does not warrant the difference in price. The SR400 is a damn nice bass, especially compared to the Squier that you already own.
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