Hi guys,

I've been playing guitar for a year or so, and now I can play the basics (basic chords, barre chords, most of the tabs when I practice a bit, strumming patterns, etc.)
I've learned it from youtube videos, and a friend who was helping me, but now I wanna learn more - how to play solos and that kind of stuff.
So I've been looking for other videos on youtube, but I can't really find the ones I'm looking for (The videos I found are or for absolute beginners, or for advanced players).
Who knows some good videos that 'll help me?

Hey, it's a very standard recommendation but that's because it's so good:

Check out http://www.justinguitar.com/

The intermediate method bit (on the sidebar on the left) has more advanced barre chords like maj7, dominant 7ths and so on. It also has the major scale which is something important to learn, plus others to get you started improvising and soloing. I found it really useful when I was at about your level. There's songs on there too and it's all free.

EDIT: also, the 'technique' exercises are tough but will get your fingers moving and strengthen them too
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