Thing is, two of my friends (girls) listen to him and it really gets on my nerves. I admit it, I DO hate him. His guitar is not something out of the ordinary and his music is just the next line of lovey-dovey stuff. I'd say he's something like JB with guitar. Call me a hipster or whatever, I'll just say this :

30-40 years ago - Guitar players and bands who rocked the whole world. Sure there are love songs, but I don't think drugs, war, drinking, etc. is less important. Plus, all of this combined with guitar skills far greater than most mainstream stuff today (not to mention the most mainstream stuff doesn't even feature guitars, or if it does - it's some computernized shit).

On the other hand we've got people who aren't even close to being that skilled and don't sing about anything else than love which is really stupid. I mean, come on, even a teenager has opinions on other bad stuff that happens in the world. Sing about that too! And yet, these people get about the same international acknowledgement. It sucks if you ask me. It's like the world's standards are lowering.

Anyways, that's just my opinion. I'm curious about other people. Feel welcome to counter-argument me.
I do see where you're coming from however I think there's plenty more people deserving off your hate

My opinions on him are
- Yeah he writes simple pop tunes, but he's a solid player and has a good voice.
- He writes all his own material and has not been manufactured by a label
- He worked hard and grafted for his fame, sleeping on sofas playing open mic nights mostly unpaid, many times a week for I think over 2 years
- He's kind of an anti-celebrity the way he wears the same clothes he always has, keeps his hair the same and doesn't seem to desperate to become a skinny stick for the sake of appeal

That being said his songs are pretty forgettable, and he's not exactly reinventing the wheel. Yet somehow his live shows are quite brilliant.
I liked the A-Team, a fairly simple song talking about prostitution in a bad light. Some of his stuff I was shown on Youtube demonstrated he was talented. Everything else since then has been lovey dovey dross that I hate, but I think that it's more to do with the record label than Ed himself. Maybe when he's got a few more years under his belt he can expand and do more.
Don't hate but certainly dislike, solely because there are singer song writers both here in the UK and over in America who are far more deserving of the spotlight and accolades but because he has a marketable look and an almost unique style he gets a ton of press as opposed to guys who slave away writing far better tunes to little or no applause (certainly not from the masses) He is another one of those popular faces of marginalised "real music" (because he holds a guitar while he sings) I expect to see over produced garbage coveting the top spots in the charts but I find it perplexing when one specific middle of the road guitarist/ singer becomes popular without lifting the popularity of a genre filled with largely much better artists.