Reluctant sale, but proceeds going towards a fast car so swings and roundabouts.

I only bought this guitar last November, in which time its left the house only once, and that was for a full pro job on the frets, which have been crowned and rounded perfectly.


Siggery Deimos 7
Hand built in England by Marty Siggery

Body : Ash
Top : American Walnut
Neck : 7 piece Bubinga, Wenge and Purpleheart
Fretboard : Ebony
Scale : 25.5" - 27"
Tuning pegs : Gotoh
Bridge : Siggery Custom
Pickups: SD Blackouts AHB1 Phase 2

Pickups and tuners were added by the previous owner. Great job, nice and tidy.

Previous owner also removed the tone pot, had the hole filled with more walnut, and put the volume where the tone was. Nice mod as the original position looks like it may have gotten in the way of muting at the bridge.

The Blackouts on this guitar sound immense, they push the input stage of any amp really hard but remain clear, punchy and well rounded. Not for the faint of heart.

Currently set up with light strings, you may want to change to something heavier to get the full beef from this guitar, my girly sausage fingered hands just can't cope with a 68 gauge on the low B!

A similar spec new from Marty would set you back close to £1200 + 7/8+ month wait, so I would like £750 for mine.

Comes with original hardcase, shipping within UK mainland will be £15, to continental Europe around £45. Elsewhere, please ask me for a quote.



Guitar can be seen being played by Mario from Italian band (EchO) here:

Is this gone now?
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