Im confused

I've being playing guitar for many years but I'm just starting to learn how to sing. My question is how do you stay in tune with your guitar?

For example:

If I played a single note on my guitar. Lets Say 6th string open E. I would have to sing an E?

If I was playing a C chord which contains the notes C, E, G, C, E. Would I sing the rote note of the chord? so C.


If i am playing in the Key of C.

then I can sing any note as long as its in the Key of C?



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Sing whatever sounds good over it.
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Sng what you want to get the effect you want

If you want to sing an E over a C chord do that if you want to sing a Dflat over that same C you do so if you like how it sounds
Snging is like playing any other melody musoc wise sing the notes that give the desired effect
You can sing any note you want, it doesn't even have to be in the chord, just as long as it's in tune.

I love singing notes that aren't in the chords to create the effect of a larger chord, it's just more interesting to me.
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99% of the time the C chord is just an accompaniment to a completely different melody that's sung so you could sing whatever you want. It'd sound weird if you just sang the triads you were playing
you could record your guitar chord progression, then write a note by note melody to go over that. replace some of the second progression's notes with vocals.
Start off by singing the notes in the chords. Most of the main notes that stand out singing are from the chords and if you get those right the other notes around that will come much easier and will be in tune.
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