Im a bit new to guitar amps (Been playing acoustic for a year) making the transition now, and went down to my pawn shop picked up the cheapest amp there for about 80 bucks, its a old sears amp and pretty heavy (for me atleast)
I tested it on some guitar in the store for a minute or two, im not a expert and was like "it works and makes sound" I dont know if theres anything else i should know about amps
Im going to be getting a guitar at another store today and it might be a telecaster will it sound weird going from one amp to another, how do i know it will sound good on my amp.
Now i got a warranty for the thing so i could upgrade whenever and even if it craps out i could trade it in or something

My new guitar amp!!
I would take it back and get your money back. You can get a Peavey Vypyr 30 or a Fender Mustang II for $100 and those are great first amps. They model other amps so you can play everything from jazz to heavy metal and sound good while doing it.

If you like your new amp good for you, but I think you are really limited by it as a new guitarist
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Tye only way to knw: t will sound good on your amp is to play it on your amp

Now havong said that its very likely ot wont sound too good on your amp
But when guitar shopping find a guitar that plays comfortably and sounds good pick ups and electronics can be changed eazily

It wont sound weird good going through different amps but you will notice some differences
I recomend you getting your monayback though and getting a peve viper