Recently, I've been practicing economy picking, and, suprisingly, I got at descent speed with it for a very short period of time. But I've been doing only 3 note per string major scale shapes, and The river dragon has come diminished solo by Nevermore (which I can't play at full speed yet). So how did you practice economy of picking? Any specific exercises?
You practice the things you want to play.
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You practice the things you want to play.

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Only time i really use exercises for techniques is when there is a specific thing i am having a problem with that i feel i need to fix and isolate. But most of the time just practicing songs involving them will do the trick.
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Make sure you don't stick to one song as that will become bland soon and will put you off practicing. Make a list of 3 or 4 songs with the technique you want to practice and keep at it.



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fingering is basicaly just utilizing pull offs and hamer ons while only picking one note out of say 3 notes per string only pick first note start slow get faster try mixing in alt picking the first note start slow get faster also practice it in reverse i then will add second string and just mess around with alt picking first note of each string then add another string ect ...just to warm up and practice a bit of economy picking ..or just google economy picking ex and techniques.lol