I've been playing for around 3/4 years and can almost nail some Protest The Hero songs but I am starting to get bored with rock and metal bass lines as they do get pretty samey.

So can anyone recommend me some jazz/funk/gospel/R'n'B songs to learn? PLEASE do not suggest RHCP as I am sick to death of people suggesting Flea's parts.

Thanks in advance!
the new daft punk record has some really solid bass playing, look at instant crush and the three tracks with nile rodgers Get Lucky, Give Life Back to Music and Lose Yourself to Dance. also, GET SUM DISCO IN YO' LIFE. TM stevens is a blast to play as well.
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You should look into Soul, Funk, Fusion as well as Jazz.

Bassists and bands to look into (Note, some of these listed are solo pianists/guitarplayers. But they have great bass on their albums, so their worth mentioning)

The Aristocrats (Fusion)
David Hines (Fusion)
CAB (Fusion)
Marc Guillermont (Fusion)
Allan Holdsworth (Fusion)
Alex Machacek (Fusion)
Guthrie Govan (Fusion)
Greg Howe (Fusion)
Adam Nitti (Fusion)
Jeff Lorber (Fusion/Funk/Soul)
Cosmosquad (Fusion/Funk)
Tribal Tech (Fusion/Funk)
Planet X (Fusion/Prog-Rock)

Béla Fleck and the Fleckstones (Funk/Country)
Chic (Funk/Disco)
Jamiroquai (Funk/Soul)
Tower of Power (Funk/Soul)
Marcus Miller (Funk/Jazz)
Victor Wooten (Funk/Jazz/Soul)
Jaco Pastorius (Jazz)
Larry Graham (Funk/Soul)
TM Stevens (Funk/Funk-rock)
The Brothers Johnson (Funk/Disco/Soul)

For only jazz bassists i'd recommend this link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=19736805&postcount=6

Hope that was helpful. Those were the people i take my inspiration from for my bass playing, hopefully they will inspire you aswell!
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