Hi all.

For sale is a Ceriatone 18W TMB head. Very nice all valve Marshall clone. Lots of videos on youtube if you type in ceriatone 18w tmb. Also included is a 1x12 cab fitted with a celestion 12 inch speaker.

I am only selling because its just too loud for a student room. Otherwise this was going to be my amp for life. Next project is to build another, similar, amp but at 1W so it doesnt annoy my housemates.

I ordered the kit from Ceriatone and built up the head myself and covered the head and cab in blue, carbon fiber looking, tolex. Fully working and sounds amazing. You're welcome to come and try it out before buying. It is made very solidly and wont break on you.

Included in the sale are three home made pedals, these dont look the nicest from the outside but sound pretty good. There is a ibanez tube screamer clone (sounds amazing), a mad prof deep blue delay (also amazing) and another random distortion that i made (forgotten the name but sounds...ok :p). Also included are 2 small cables to go from the pedals to each other and from the amp to the cab. All you need to add is a guitar and two leads (one from guitar to pedals and one from pedals to amp).

I cant seem to upload pictures onto here because they are too big in size, if youre interested then pm me and ill send you aome pictures. It does look gorgeous.

I am in Horley, Surrey.

Any questions then text or email me.

I'm looking for 500 but I'm open to offers, please pm me.