I recently bought a second guitar with the intention of putting thick strings on one to play really really low stuff. The lowest I played with my older guitar is Drop C with normal strings on it. I already know which guitar I will have adjusted and install the thick strings on. But what size strings do I put on it?
I used a hybrid of 13/12's when I last set my guitar up for Drop c
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Quote by Shredx
I used a hybrid of 13/12's when I last set my guitar up for Drop c

What would the Diameters be for those?
it really depends on how you want the strings to feel. I myself use a light top/heavy bottom set of .10-.56

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if your going to be playing solos or lots of bending on the first 3 strings its a good idea to use a hybrid setup{ thinner strings on the first 3 so that those are easy to bend, most heavy gauge sets give you a .012 for the 1st which will tear your fingers up pretty bad if youre gonna be doing bends ,for drop c to drop a i use ernie balls for the 6th-4th the gauges are .056 -.044-.036 and for the plain strings i use elixers from the .049 pack so those are a little easier to bend .018-.014-.011 , basically try to look for a pack with a 6th string in the low to mid .050s and a 1st string thats .010 or .011 hope this helps
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
When my band played in drop c we always used 10-56s the DR Jeff Healey signature our the Ernie Ball light top heavy bottoms
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Okay thanks for all the help guys, what is a good brand to go with? I'm not very familliar with strings yet since ive only had to change them 2-3 times since i started playing.
I use d'addario 12s

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It depends on the sound you are going for, the music you want to play and the strength of your fingers. The thicker the gauge the bassier the tone and the harder it is to play. I like playing 12 gauge in standard mostly, or E flat sometimes.



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Ernie Ball 11-54 is perfect for D standard and drop C. Just be prepared to change the F string. I dont know what devil drove EB to put 22 plain string on otherwise great set but its way, WAY too tense compared to other strings.

.edit. Wait, you wanted to go lower? EB 12-56 or d'addario 12-60 should do, though higher strings may be murder for your fingers in Drop C.

.edit2. Daddario has a set of 11-56. Those should be a good compromise. Not too loose for Drop B and not too tight for Drop C.

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