So I got a call about 2 hours ago from a woman I've played a few gigs for, she hosts theme parties and asked me if I could play her "mexican" themed party. I assumed that meant flamenco guitar and spanish music, which the closest I've come to is Santana solos.

I have 17 days to learn a decent set (30-40ish mins) for early in the night and then I can fall back to my usual repertoire when everyone is nice and socially lubricated.

So, since I'd be completely lost without your help - how about suggesting some artists, songs, tabs etc.

Please and thankyou
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.
Gee... there were a bunch of latin folk songs popular during the big folk boom of the 60s... A lot of them became standards even for non-Spanish speaker.
STuff like "Guantanamera" and "Cucurucu" and "El Rancho Grande"..... I'm sure tabs are running around.... Most of these are pretty simple.
The standard "sort of latin-sounding" strum incorporates a kind of phony "rasquedo" where you just sort of slowly run your pick or thumb down the strings as part of the strum.
How about Richie Valance " La Bamba" Should take you all of 15 minutes, and don't forget the
neat little intro. Might take a bit longer to learn the spanish lyrics. Cheers
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There's always "Seven Spanish Angels", but that's kind of depressing.

Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee" is in the "Andalusian Cadence". (Am, G, F, E). You can dick around with the Phrygian vamp F > E for a few minutes. Look up "Phrygian dominant scale".

And then there's my favorite Spanish sounding song of all time, "White Rabbit", by the Jefferson Airplane.

Why not a couple of old Marty Robbins tunes, such as "El Paso".

Anyhoo, good luck with this. That Tejano nonsense is actually Polka music, with 6 guitars, and an accordian, and who the hell practices that....?

Ok look, I'm tryin' here. Truth is, I never get invited to parties, since I'm no fun when I get there.....
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