I'm currently looking for a second head to blend in stereo with my Peavey valveking100. I'm running a metal Muff in front of the clean channel for my metalcore super tight brutal tone, the lead channel for 90s bush style tone, and the clean for my jazz sound. I'm looking for a head to fill out the bottom end and low mids in my sound. I love the tone of the 6505, but the versatility of the blackstar is very appealing. However I'm not sure how it would blend with the metal tone from my vk100. Note that I will probally buy an overdrive for my second head, and put them on an ABY switcher for choice of what I want to play. Suggestions or experience mixing these amps will be greatly appreciated.
I've had a chance to play both at the same place, and I still like the 6505 more. Even better would be 6505+, but since you need a super tight brutal tone I think that the regular would be better for you. The blackstar does have better cleans, the one I've tried belongs to a friend who is in an extreme metal band, and he uses a tube distortion pedal with the amp to get a brutal enough tone. Kind of unnecessary since it has good distortion on it's own. My opinion: 6505 is better for distortion but the blackstar is okay for both clean and crunch. You should try them out yourself.
The 6505 is more versatile than people make it out to be, aside from the clean channel which okay.

Once you get a 6505 you'll sell the VK.
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I own a Ht100 and I simply love it. But if you prefer the tone of the 6505 go with it. I do prefer the distortion from the blackstar but it has his very own distortion and it doesn't sound like the 6505.

But for bottom end and low mid the Blackstar would be great.
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The HT100 is more versatile, no doubt... but the one I had sounded more digital than 95% of the digital amps out there

That being said - My I've owned everything from $200 Vox solid states to $4600 Diezels, and the only amp I've kept out of all of them is my 5150.
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the only amp I've kept out of all of them is my 5150.

Which, just in case TS doesn't know, is the same thing as 6505.
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If you have an inkling of the brootalz, the 6505 will murder. The Blackstar might just injure.


While the 6505 is a melt-your-face-off amp, the blackstar will be more of a singe-your-eyebrows-a-little amp.
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The HTs are similar to MGs and Spiders in the sense that the big ones are really just oversized practice amps.

Blackstars marketing practices neither here nor there, their "real" amps, the Series Ones - those are some serious amps. Saw My Ruin live and they were using one, and it cut through like nobody's business. Knife through butter status.

...not that any of that matters, I'm assuming the S1s are quite a bit more than the HTs. My point is that there isn't really a competition here, the 6505 will eat the HT alive.
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6505 all the way. especially the way you want to use it. The low mid growl and rawr is incredible. You'll want to sell the vk after you get one.
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