A co-worker of mine is retiring and is going to "give it a go" with his new self-financed album he recorded over the last year. It is pro quality, and he knows some people in the touring business. He's a huge music fan, and I think this is part of his bucket list. He has no delusions of becoming the next Justin Beiber. He is keeping an open mind, and wants to see where his act can go. He may just want to string together a small tour of a few cities, and mostly just see what happens. If I recorded an album, I'd want to play it live also, and see people react to it.

Since he is older, he is not up to date with the whole band promotion protocol of 2013. He might be more in the mindset of handing out physical CD's. So, he needs a crash course in getting his album "plugged into" social media.

Can someone summarize the major outlets and bases he should cover, if he wants to promote his music?

I'll start the list:

1) Make a Facebook band page for people to like and comment. Post the mp3s onto Facebook, if that feature exists.

2) Post your MP3's onto Soundcloud. This makes for easy emailing and linking.

3) Make a band page on ReverbNation and upload your album there.

(These first 3 can be done in under 1 hour)

4) Pay someone to develop a custom band website (bio, mp3 stream, tour dates, etc)

5) Send your album to a bunch internet bloggers/reviewers, and pay them to review/plug your CD.
Anyone know of a list of influential bloggers/promoters that he can allocate his marketing budget towards?
Also, post these reviews onto all your social media outlets above #1-4

6) Post your band pages on as many music forums and blogs as possible.
Has anyone here ever done this? Anyone have an exhaustive list? I know people must have tried this already.

What else can he do?
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Upload on youtube + send links to a few channels. There are a bunch of people that do reviews there too, depending on the genre - like InfidelAmsterdam for example.

Maybe get an unusual, entertaining promo video?

Send it to some net radio stations?

I haven't done this myself, but these things appear valid.