good stuff man!! tight tone, nice phrasing in the solo...
are u going to add a bass guitar later?? coz the clean parts are sounding kinda empty... u can add a lower harmony or something if u don't own a bass..
but overall, a kickass track \m/
thank you Deepanshu_13! yeah i was thinking the same thing. it really sounds empty especially in the clean parts without the bass. And yes I am planning on adding a lower harmony using my piano. thank you for your feedback!
I like it, sounds clean. like others said, if you can add some bass that would probably sound great.
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Thank you for all your feed back guys!
P.B. thanks, i will try to add in a low harmony on the clean parts
aaron aardvark thank you for the advice. I've listened to your tracks and all i can say is WOW! i have never heard anything like it, it is very unique!