I play in a metalcore/deathcore band that uses a lot of harmonies. We recently lost our other guitarist so playing live has been difficult. Many have recommended to use harmonizer pedals. Ive seen some videos of people getting good lead sounds out of them, but never any videos of people riffing with them. Does anyone know of one that would sound good with riffs as well as leads?
The pedal isn't anywhere near as important as what you're playing.

Harmonies are harmonies, more expensive harmonizers will allow for more complex harmonies or offer things like true diatonic harmony but ulltimately it's still down to you to play something that's going to work with a harmony line. The reason you won't see many videos of people playing "riffs" with a harmonizer is simply because people don't actually write many things you'd class as riffs that use harmonised guitar lines.
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No, the problem is, the riff isn't technically harmonised, or, rather, it's not entirely harmonised. It's a pedal riff, so if you used a harmoniser pedal, the open string between each note would be harmonised in thirds too, which you wouldn't want, if you want to harmonise riffs like that, you either need a really sensitive pedal (which I'm not sure exists for the speeds you'd need) and a rapid foot that can turn the pedal on and off in perfect time, or, you need a second guitarist.
...or you could just practice to play the harmonies as double-stops. I did that when I first started playing BFMV songs. lal
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The only way I know of doing this is using the Auto-riff setting on my Gt-10 and going through and only programming certain notes to shift and have the wet and dry come through.

I'd post a video but I don't have my pedal right now.

You might as well just play without the harmonies.

Finding someone else to play that stuff shouldn't be hard either.
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is there a harmonizer pedal that allows you to harmonize every note besides 1?


You'd have to kick it off when you hit the pedal point, and kick it back on for the harmony.
Easiest way I could see, is to use a looper, and use it for the other guitar
But then you're limited to keeping the same BPM every time